The platform is expected to be launched as an innovative leader of the market that introduces new standards inside logistic management sector. The technological core of the platform is based on the ability of Big Data processing realized through machine-assisted learning. Such ability provides the platform participants highly technological services and analytics.

Blockchain technology integrating makes it possible to accelerate inner platform operations. The platform is expected to use artificial intelligence as well to increase its functionality from the viewpoint of logistic operations managing.

AI is intended to become the basis for the platform’s technological leadership on the market.

According to the World Bank research, the cargo shipping market majors name some problems as key ones indicating that such problems can be solved under certain conditions.

They are as follows:

Information deficiency about vehicles owners and cargo consignors
Search for reliable partners
Information deficiency about cargos and free vehicles locations
Communication problems among market players: language barriers, time and money loss
Ineffective freight management and empty mileage
Ineffective usage of rolling stock
(rail wagons, platforms etc.),
containers and cargo vehicles

The Platform Uniting

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More than
200 000 market players

Transport owners

Cargo owners
(production and trade)

Logistic centers, warehouses

circle circle circle circle circle

Courier companies

Freight Forwarding Companies

Insurance, brokerage companies

Sea ports, Distribution centers

we are developing

B2b social network and instant messenger inside

Tenders and auctions

Data Center

Operations and transactions on smart-contracts

Platform inner currency (token)

Database on blockchain

Machine learning to process the Platform big data

Artificial Intellect to ensure all transactions


2019 June - November

Gathering a project team. Development of a project implementation strategy.


January-April:Platform development and launch of the full version of silk-way

May: Development of a program for the interaction of forwarding companies with National Operators

June: Transferring the platform to work with smart contracts

August: Blockchain container exchange launched

September - October: Implementation of software for compiling a supply chain of cargo working on blockchain technology

November - December: Development of a program for the search for backway cargo (artificial intelligence)

2021 January

Implementation of Big Data technology


Affiliate network expansion

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